Hauling from the lagoons ends this week

You will stop seeing the trucks on the highways and parking lots this week.  The contract was to haul 30,000 cubic metres of effluent from our lagoons to another municipality’s processing plant and I expect the last truck to make its run today.  The hauling has lowered the large lagoon from a height of 178 cm of effluent to 150 cm.  I had hoped to get it lower – but lots of rain, inflow and infiltration this spring has worked against us.

We will monitor the situation closely over the next few weeks and are hopeful that we will not need to haul anymore this spring.  The only bright side is due to so little processing taking place at the plant this winter, there was very little snow to melt.  This optimistically means that the spring summer application can begin earlier than other years.  We are waiting for the site to dry out at which time staff can lay out the summer pipes and generator and begin.  We are hoping for a mid-May start date.

Will keep you posted on when that occurs.  If you have any questions, please contact the Councillor of your choice or me at 613-273-9195.