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Update on Village new waste water system

The contract between the Village and the builder of the new waste water system requires the contractor to pay for the cost of hauling effluent this winter and spring.  The new system was to have been fully operational by November 21, 2017.  By that date, the Village had lowered the lagoon levels significantly.  Because the system was not operational on time, it became necessary to haul effluent to another municipality for several days in late January.  The cost of hauling was covered by the contractor.

The spring thaw and last weekend’s heavy rains resulted in excessive flows to the lagoons, decreasing the available capacity in the sewage lagoons. Hauling began on Thursday.  Again the cost of hauling is covered by the liquidated damages section of our contact and is being paid by the contractor.

We are confident that if the new system had been operational on November 21, no hauling would have been required this year.  We are also confident that moving forward, the new system is more than adequate to handle our sewage.

I will advise when the hauling is terminated.

Please call if you have any questions.  9195




Hauling from the lagoons ends this week

You will stop seeing the trucks on the highways and parking lots this week.  The contract was to haul 30,000 cubic metres of effluent from our lagoons to another municipality’s processing plant and I expect the last truck to make its run today.  The hauling has lowered the large lagoon from a height of 178 cm of effluent to 150 cm.  I had hoped to get it lower – but lots of rain, inflow and infiltration this spring has worked against us.

We will monitor the situation closely over the next few weeks and are hopeful that we will not need to haul anymore this spring.  The only bright side is due to so little processing taking place at the plant this winter, there was very little snow to melt.  This optimistically means that the spring summer application can begin earlier than other years.  We are waiting for the site to dry out at which time staff can lay out the summer pipes and generator and begin.  We are hoping for a mid-May start date.

Will keep you posted on when that occurs.  If you have any questions, please contact the Councillor of your choice or me at 613-273-9195.


Update on waste water treatment this winter

I have been asked by many people over the past couple of weeks what is happening with the Snowfluent system as they haven’t seen any evidence of snowmaking yet this year.  Although yesterday and today are perfect snow making conditions, the plant has yet to process this year.  Warm weather in December meant that the plant was not turned on.  In order to operate the Snowfluent system, the temperature needs to be -5 C and wind at least 4 km/hr.

On December 31, when the system was being started up, a broken pipe in one of the effluent lines prevented its operation.   The repairs to the pipe are expected to be made by the end of the day Tuesday.  Adjustments  were made to the plant today and I am hopeful that two towers will be operational tonight.  The weather forecast indicates that the unseasonably warm weather returns on Wednesday.

The levels of the lagoons are monitored daily as well as the daily flows from the Village to the lagoons.  The average flows in November were 220 m3, however alarmingly jumped to over 300 m3 in the latter part of December.  Sump pumps that are connected to the waste water system are contributing to this increase.  Please check to see where your sump pump dumps and ensure that it does not add to the lagoon levels.  Council is introducing a water conservation programme this week in the Review Mirror by providing advice on how to reduce the amount of clean water flowing to the waste water system.  Let’s work together to reduce the amount of unnecessary clean water being processed at the waste water plant by 10% this year.

Council met this afternoon to review the current situation.  Our Councillors bring a wealth of experience to the discussions and each of them is committed to asking the right questions to ensure they get all of the information they need to make decisions.  At the end of the meeting, Council is satisfied that monitoring the levels, flows and weather forecasts is sufficient at this point in time,.  Just as a reminder, should it be necessary to haul effluent, there is a solid contingency plan that can be in place with 24 hours notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Councillor of your choice or me.