Westport Waste Water Treatment Plant – Update

I want to provide an update on the issues that have arisen regarding the amount of sand required to build the new waste water filter bed. We were originally told to order 77,000 tonnes of sand. On October 5, AECOM identified that an additional 33,000 tonnes of sand were necessary to finish the construction of the new filtration system.  On October 23, AECOM identified that another 15,000 tonnes were required.

Tackaberry has been a solid partner on this construction.  They have stepped up to the plate on both occasions in October to produce the requisitioned sand and to have it all delivered on site by next week.  Mr Tackaberry also kept the price of the additional sand at the same price of the original 77,000 tons, which was purchased in 2016.

In regard to how this sand will be paid for, the Village will make another application to the bank to cover the additional amount.  We are waiting a few more weeks until the full amount is documented.  I will keep you informed.

Council met this morning so that Councillors could be briefed on the latest request for sand.  There are many complex issues involved when a contract does not unfold smoothly for which contractual legal advice has been obtained by the CAO and I. Councillors needed to be briefed on the contractual advice provided by the lawyers and that portion of the meeting was held in-camera, which is permitted in law. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be other meetings in relation to the contract. When there is legal advice from our lawyer to discuss, these meetings will be held in-camera.

I realize this might be frustrating to a few people.  Please understand that Council is working on your behalf and committed to achieving the best outcome for the municipality.

Call if you have any questions – 273-9195