The best community to be part of, absolutely THE best

What a week-end here in the Village.  It started last night with the Rideaus winning their Friday night game and ending up alone in 1st place in their Division.  Tons of talent on this team!!!!

Saturday morning began with our one of a kind pharmacist, Tracey Phillips, arranging for a morning of shock and awe – that would be the demolition of Ducks!!!!  Many of you lined Concession St to watch the team from Hales take down the much loved, well worn building.  Tracey and Paul offered to raise money for FOTA.  For each brick sold (or donation made if people didn’t want a brick) as a souvenir they will match dollar for dollar.  As I type this, over $1000 has been donated – which means $2000 for FOTA.  Thank you Tracey and Paul.

And then the main event – Light up Lockwood.  If you weren’t there, you have to close your eyes and imagine 1200 pumpkins in the middle of the parking lot beside the baseball diamond at 2:00 p.m.  Add in about 100+ community members,  armed with knives and other sharp tools, and watch the fun as all of the pumpkins are carved and placed throughout the park.  My team includes Kim Bonner, Rob and Marianne Roberts, Ann Savage, Lisa Jackson, Nancy Mattice and Paul Snider.  And at 7:00 p.m., keep your eyes closed, picture 1200 pumpkins – and everyone one of them lit up … pumpkins on the spectator stands, on the playground, on the cenotaph, on the hill beside Concession St, and all the way around the path in the park.  WOW!!!!!!  Great work, John and Cynthia Pringle and Heather Huth.

As I said, the BEST community to be part of, absolutely THE best.

1st base stands