Update on Village new waste water system

The contract between the Village and the builder of the new waste water system requires the contractor to pay for the cost of hauling effluent this winter and spring.  The new system was to have been fully operational by November 21, 2017.  By that date, the Village had lowered the lagoon levels significantly.  Because the system was not operational on time, it became necessary to haul effluent to another municipality for several days in late January.  The cost of hauling was covered by the contractor.

The spring thaw and last weekend’s heavy rains resulted in excessive flows to the lagoons, decreasing the available capacity in the sewage lagoons. Hauling began on Thursday.  Again the cost of hauling is covered by the liquidated damages section of our contact and is being paid by the contractor.

We are confident that if the new system had been operational on November 21, no hauling would have been required this year.  We are also confident that moving forward, the new system is more than adequate to handle our sewage.

I will advise when the hauling is terminated.

Please call if you have any questions.  9195