Sometimes, it is the little things…

I have commented before about the pride that we take in our Village and the different ways it can be seen, felt and touched.  Some businesses have taken the big step this year to make major changes to their stores, several new business have opened, home owners are painting, roofing, gardening, putting on additions to their homes.  Yes – Pride of ownership, proud to be part of Westport.

This week I noticed changes to signs.  Although perhaps not as “grand” as some of the other changes people are making at their businesses or homes, they are just as important.  Business signs are what visitors and tourists notice right away, while forming their thoughts about our Village.  There are many other stunning and professional signs in the Village, and I hope you agree that these two help to show what makes Westport such a visually rich place in which to live, work and visit.

The first is a new sign at St Edward Catholic School and Church on Bedford St.  Its installation was finished last week.  Clean lines, professionally finished.

St Edward Catholic School.JPG

The second sign I want to share with you is at the Dancing Moon Gallery and TEA ROOM at the corner of Spring and Church Sts.  Just like the gallery owners, this sign is creative and delivers a very clear message of what you will find inside.

Dancing Moon Gallery and Tea Room.JPG