A recent addition to Lockwood Memorial Park in the Village of Westport is a 5 1/2 foot tall “red dog”, donated by a community member.  He is a handsome, fibreglass Great Dane. (I think!).

We are asking for your suggestions on what to call him.  Over the next three weeks, residents, business owners and visitors are encouraged to offer their wisdom on what this fellow should be called.  I have sent a letter and colouring sheets to the schools, encouraging their participation.

On October 19, the NAME THAT RED DOG! contest will close and he will have his forever name.  He hibernates for the winter and will be leaving the park around that time.  It is important to know what to call him before he leaves!

You can email me at, leave a voice message at 9195 or catch me on the street.  If you are in Town Hall, the staff will also take your suggestions.  Have some fun!

Oh, and by the way – the winner, well – will get a bucket of pride for giving him a name!

Thank you

red dog