A century ago, Canadian soldiers crossed a muddy ridge in Vimy, France, as they fought and died under the Red Ensign.

One hundred years ago, all four divisions of the Canadian Corps fought side-by-side for the first time as one formation at Vimy Ridge in France.  After four days of intense battle, there were nearly 3,600 of our soldiers lives lost, over 7,000 more wounded and countless displays of extraordinary courage.  The capture of Vimy Ridge was truly an incredible military victory.  We are proud and will never forget those who served in this great battle.

The Red Ensign was the flag they fought and some died under.  With many thanks to Greg Bisonette (Rusty), the Red Ensign is flying proudly at the Westport Cenotaph this week-end as we recognize the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 542 will assemble for the Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday at 10:30.  The Westport Ecumenical Choir will also be providing the music, led by Joanne Lambert.

Weather still looks sunny and cold.  Please dress warmly.

Vimy Flag.jpg