Marianne Roberts -Westport’s WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2019

Mary Cowan has been holding the WOMAN OF THE YEAR recognition for over 20 years.  Each spring she receives nominations of women who work for the betterment of the Village of Westport through their church, community groups and businesses.

On May 26, at the Cove Country Inn, Mary announced that the WOMAN OF THE YEAR for 2019 is Marianne Roberts.  The name of the award winner is the best kept secret in Westport, and Marianne arrived at the Cove with her husband, daughter and son-in-law expecting to congratulate another woman!  Many of Marianne’s friends joined her to celebrate.  Marianne’s husband, Rob, gave a lovely speech that outlined many of the endeavours Marianne has supported.

Congratulations Marianne!  Well deserved and many thanks for all you do for the Village of Westport.

Mary and Marianne.jpgWoman of the Year.jpg