door to door trick or treating cancelled in westport this hallowe’en

The issue of Hallowe’en in the Village of Westport has been discussed by Council on three different occasions this fall. At the September 15 Committee of the Whole meeting, I asked members of Council to speak with their constituents before the October 6, 2020 Council meeting to learn any concerns by local residents and businesses. At that Council meeting, members reported hearing the strong message that door to door trick or treating was not supported during COVID-19 and the decision was taken to cancel this activity in Westport for this year.

Council reconsidered this resolution at the October 20, 2020 Special Meeting of Council, and the result of the debate did not change – the original decision of council would stand and door to door trick or treating would be cancelled.

The decision was difficult for council and for the members of the public who had plans to head out in Westport on Saturday night. This is the first issue in my time as Mayor that has been considered and reconsidered. I want to assure you that the decision was not taken lightly.

You can watch all three debates on the Village of Westport You Tube channel.

Please call if you have questions or concerns. 273-9195