westport food bank needs your donation

The Westport Food Bank continues to work hard to provide support to those in need.  Early in the pandemic, the volunteers recognized that many of them were in the vulnerable category for the virus and they shifted gears – or in good COVID-19 slang – they pivoted.
Given the challenges of accepting and distributing food donations, the Food Bank has partnered with Kudrinko’s to provide clients with a set amount they can spend per month in the store. Kudrinko’s is discounting those purchases and the Food Bank is using cash donations received from the public to pay the balance. Every $20 donation received by the Food Bank helps to provide $25 worth of groceries to a family that needs help in these tough times.
The Westport Food Bank is encouraging donors to give money instead of food until the pandemic is over.  
There are three ways to support the food bank.  
1.  You can e-transfer using this email address:  norman@rideau.net
2.  Cheques can be sent to P.O. Box 503, Westport
3.  Build A Mountain of Food will be Saturday afternoon Nov. 28 at Kudrinko’s –  bring your chequebook or cash. 
The number of clients has increased over the past 9 months, so please consider giving generously.
Volunteers and public service minded businesses are the bedrock of our Village.  Thank you Kudrinko’s for partnering with the hard working Westport Food Bank volunteers.  You are quite a team!