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Land Ark Homes gives back with donated trees.

The Land Ark Homes development, Watercolour at Westport, is progressing on the Derbyshire property in Westport. Visible progress begins mid-November with tree clearing where trees have grown onto the farmland. 

A natural corridor park on both sides of the creek will be maintained and will contain a five foot wide trail for the enjoyment of residents. As per conservation authority approved plans, the corridor will be 15 metres wide on both sides of the creek. Silt fencing will be going up to prevent erosion. 

Award-winning Land Ark Homes has a heritage of leadership in reforestation, which continues with the Watercolour at Westport project. For example, on their 2 acres estate lots in Ridingview Estates in Stittsville, Vance Farm, and Ridgeside Farm in Kanata, company policy resulted in the planting of 20 trees per home built in the former farm fields. This benefitted the environment, and contributed to the natural beauty of the land. Planting trees in the Watercolour at Westport neighbourhood is a key part of the strategy to steward the environment, and to blend new Westport with the beauty of the tree-lined streets in old Westport.

Additional steps are also being taken, in an attempt to mitigate impact on the environment: For every home built the company is donating $200 towards Tree Canada to help with Tree Canada’s Reforestation & Carbon Offsetting, resulting in the planting of 40 trees across Canada. Restoring forests helps wildlife habitat and helps fight climate change. These efforts make for cleaner soil, waterways and shorelines and helps capture millions of tons of carbon pollution.

The company has joined the Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization, dedicated to sustainable forest management.

Tree clearing and chipping will be noisy during daylight hours starting mid-November. Land Ark appreciates this will be heard by residents of Westport, and apologizes for any inconvenience caused, and wishes to let everyone know in advance.

Trees along the edge of the property also need to be removed to achieve Rideau Valley Conservation Authority water management features. Trees are mostly Manitoba maple and ash as cows pastured there did not like to eat these.

Some features, such as a storm water management pond with additional paths, will be created on the property. Others such as drainage swales behind the new cottage-style homes, will be created after homes are created, when trees can be planted in front of the homes and in the boulevards to make new Westport look like old Westport.

Land Ark appreciates partnering with the village and long-time members of the community allowing people to experience Cottage Life at Home.

The next step will be stripping and stockpiling topsoil in advance of frost. Road construction will commence January 2021. Model homes starting March. 

Plans and will be on the website March. Only 20 homes will be available for sale in 2021 in Phase1 as per the attached Zoning Plan.

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