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County Road 10 – Construction Update – 5:00 p.m. May 31

Good news.  I received the following information from the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville:

Please be advised County Road 10 will be open to local traffic as of 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, Friday, May 31, 2019.  The speed limit is still restricted to 50 km/hr. for the duration of the construction.

This information has been updated on https://www.municipal511.ca/.

Long awaited Construction Underway in Westport!

At long last, the final two construction projects for 2018 are underway!

The replacement of the Bedford St dock began on Friday.  In May, the Village awarded the tender and expected work to begin after the spawning season on July 1.  Although there has been a long delay, it is important to get the work completed.

Thomas Fuller Construction from Ottawa has been awarded the Main St bridge rehabilitation by the United Counties.  The UCLG engineers held their pre-construction meeting with Thomas Fuller Construction on Thursday afternoon.  I confirmed, once again, that one lane over the bridge will remain open during the rehabilitation.  The work is expected to be completed this fall.  Hopefully the inconveniences will be minimal.

Please call if you have any concerns.  9195

Sounds of spring this week in Westport? Construction!!!!

Another week of hammering, sawing and heavy machinery chugging in the ‘Port.  It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  Home owners are fixing roofs, adding additions, and finishing projects.  Fetch Murphy Way was paved so no more wash outs in the next heavy rain. The foundation of the new basketball court was constructed and is waiting for the concrete.  The framing of the covered stage is also underway in the park.  (Remember – neither the basketball court nor covered stage is funded through tax dollars, rather by fund raising and grants.)

What an exhilarating feeling in the Village!

Official opening of the stage will take place on July 1.  More details to follow.

stage June 15-18


Construction Season begins in Westport!

At long last, the sidewalk on the west side of Church St near Bedford St will be replaced.  The work includes the area from the Home Hardware driveway right to the corner.  Plans are for the work to be completed over three days and is expected to begin next week.

Requests for proposals for the demolition of the tennis court and shuffleboard in Lockwood Park and for the construction of a pathway around the park were decided last week.  These two projects will begin in the near future and will be completed before the end of the calendar year.  Funds to pay for these improvements were raised through a grant from Lockwood Foundation and the generosity of Village residents, for which we are very thankful.  Just a reminder that no tax dollars are being used for the park renewal.