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The Stage at Lockwood is for everyone to enjoy!

The list submitted to Trillium for potential users of the stage was long and it is the hope of all of us at Town Hall and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee that everyone takes the opportunity to use it.  For sure family picnics and reunions are high on the list.  Other suggestions are:  Westport Arts Council for MUSICWestport and other musical/drama events, community choir practice/performances, yoga/fitness, summer youth camps,  live Shakespearean theatre or other live performances (high school?), art shows, heritage day festival, Remembrance Day Service, July 1st celebrations, adult band practice/performance, Open Mic Music nights, Movie nights and on and on.

There is no fee to use the stage, but you need to reserve it by contacting Patti Mueller at pmueller@villageofwestport.ca or call her at 2191.

Scott Blair and his crew have done an incredible job of building this stage.  Benches will be added soon, however the lack of those shouldn’t interfere with your activity.

Enjoy the summer in your park!

Canada Day Celebrations in the Village

Yes, it was a little warm – however that didn’t get in the way of a large crowd coming to Lockwood Park this afternoon to celebrate Canada Day.  The Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing was in the ‘Port and had some very inspiring words for the people and businesses of our Village.

Congratulations to May LaHey who is Westport’s Senior of the Year for 2018.  Such a great Ambassador.  Steve, Frank Huth and I cut the ribbon to “officially open” the new stage.  The Royal Canadian Legion Upper Rideau Branch #542  Colour Party took the lead for the parade, followed by Mary Cowan chauffeuring the “Senior of the Year” and supported by the Westport Fire Fighters and the Westport Arts Council’s float. And lots and lots of kids, bikes and moms and dads.  So much fun for everyone!

Hope everyone had a good time!

Sounds of spring this week in Westport? Construction!!!!

Another week of hammering, sawing and heavy machinery chugging in the ‘Port.  It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  Home owners are fixing roofs, adding additions, and finishing projects.  Fetch Murphy Way was paved so no more wash outs in the next heavy rain. The foundation of the new basketball court was constructed and is waiting for the concrete.  The framing of the covered stage is also underway in the park.  (Remember – neither the basketball court nor covered stage is funded through tax dollars, rather by fund raising and grants.)

What an exhilarating feeling in the Village!

Official opening of the stage will take place on July 1.  More details to follow.

stage June 15-18


And so the building of the stage begins….

I previously advised that the Village had been successful in its grant application to the Ontario Trillium Fund that will cover 100% of the costs to build a covered stage in Lockwood Park.  Scott Blair Construction began the work yesterday.  Watch its progress over the next few weeks on the George St side of the park.  It is our intention (that would be both Scott’s and the Village’s:-) to hold the Grand Opening on July 1st!  Stay tuned.

foundation for stage - May 31-18

Village of Westport successful in obtaining Ontario Trillium Fund Grant.

The Ontario Trillium Fund has awarded the Village a $56,500 grant to build an accessible, covered stage in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  The grant covers all costs including the installation of electrical and landscaping.  Village Council & Staff and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee are pleased that Westport was successful in this very competitive process and have thanked the Ontario Trillium Fund for its support.

The improvements to Lockwood Memorial Field and Park over the past three years have only been possible through fund raising and grants.  The 2015 grant from Lockwood Foundation has been a significant boon and enabled the Village to implement its plan for the park.  No tax dollars have been spent on the improvements.

The stage will be used to bring groups and people together for arts, cultural and heritage festivals and family events.  Community groups and members will now have a venue to bring people together – regardless of the weather.

The project has been awarded to Scott Blair Construction and it is our expectation that it will be operational this summer.

How exciting!!!!!!