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Daffodils planted by volunteers in bloom

Last year, during the kick off to Dream Big Westport, I suggested that volunteers could take on the challenge of beautifying the entrances to the Village by planting spring bulbs.  One group took up the challenge, and here is the result of their first year’s efforts on Concession.  Thank you!

Any other groups or families that want to spend a little time planting bulbs this fall?  There are three other entry points/signs that are just begging for some TLC.  I pledge a personal cash donation to help cover the costs of the bulbs.

Daffodils will be welcoming people to Westport this spring.

A small group of volunteers will be planting 180 daffodil bulbs around the “Welcome to Westport” sign on County Road #42 this fall.  They hope to lay a “carpet” of daffodils for the spring.   The bulbs are being purchased from Vessey’s.

At last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, council suggested that I blog this information should any other groups of volunteers wish to do the same at another  “Welcome to Westport” sign.

Please let me know if you are interested.  It may still be possible to add to the Vessey order.  I should be able to find a sponsor to cover the cost of the bulbs.  Sorry – the labour is your own!

Call if you need anything – 273-9195.