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On Tuesday, Director Stephen SLIWA, UCDSB and Superintendent Marsha MCNAIR met with me (virtually) to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak in the village and area. Recognizing the need to be in sync with our containment and mitigation strategies, we shared our plans and concerns.

I always fInd Director SLIWA to be a good listener and strong leader for the Board and this was consistent during our meeting. I shared that I have been asked several times what COVID-19 school bus cleaning policy had been established by the board. He has provided the attached document and I have cut and pasted the relevant portion. See the link below if you wish to read the full COVID-19 Transportation Response Policy

Cleaning of Vehicles

  • A hard-surface disinfectant for use against COVID-19 as authorized by Health Canada will be utilized on high touch areas including handrails and seats in between each school run.
  • Enhanced cleaning/disinfection to handrails, seats, seat belts, windows, walls below windows, steering wheel, driver controls and other parts that are commonly used and that may have been touched will also occur twice per day following the completion of each shift.

Daffodils will be welcoming people to Westport this spring.

A small group of volunteers will be planting 180 daffodil bulbs around the “Welcome to Westport” sign on County Road #42 this fall.  They hope to lay a “carpet” of daffodils for the spring.   The bulbs are being purchased from Vessey’s.

At last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, council suggested that I blog this information should any other groups of volunteers wish to do the same at another  “Welcome to Westport” sign.

Please let me know if you are interested.  It may still be possible to add to the Vessey order.  I should be able to find a sponsor to cover the cost of the bulbs.  Sorry – the labour is your own!

Call if you need anything – 273-9195.