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2nd Annual Merrickville Heritage Classic

Spent the early morning in Merrickville with Merrickville-Wolford Mayor David Nash, MP Gord Brown and MPP Steve Clark.  Fantastic event – over 300 participants.  Congratulations to the organizers.

Steve is going to the Lions Club Beach House tonight for dinner and support the Lockwood Memorial Field and Park fund raiser.  If you see him, perhaps you could shake his hand and thank him for all of the support he has given the Village this past year in regard to the waste water treatment plant.Merrickville.JPG

Federal government announces $57million for infrastructure rehab work on the Rideau Canal

Great News!  The government has announced an investment of $57 million to rehab the Rideau Canal.  I have attached the government’s media release here.  Thanks to MP Gord Brown, MPP Steve Clarke and our own Seamus Cowan for keeping the importance of the Rideau Canal front and centre for the past several years.

News Release

For immediate release

Government of Canada invests $57 million in Rideau Canal National Historic Site

May 10, 2016           Ottawa, Ontario Parks Canada Agency

Canada’s national parks and historic sites belong to all Canadians. These beautiful natural environments bring Canadians together, attract thousands of tourists to our country, and support our local economies.

Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Minister responsible for Parks Canada and Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre, the Honourable Catherine McKenna, announced the installation of two paddle access points along the Rideau Canal National Historic Site.

These new paddle access points will ensure safe and easy access to the Rideau Canal for paddlers and their canoes, kayaks and paddle-boards, allowing even more community members and visitors to enjoy the history and beauty of this national treasure. The access points are located at Clegg Avenue and Patterson Creek in Ottawa.

These paddle access points respond to feedback from the local community and are an example of Parks Canada’s commitment to continually improving experiences for visitors to natural and cultural heritage sites.

Minister McKenna also announced a historic federal infrastructure investment of over $57 million in the Rideau Canal National Historic Site

Also, today’s announcement of over $57 million in additional funding for infrastructure work is the largest investment of its kind in the 184-year history of the Rideau Canal. The funding will be used to rehabilitate and repair bridges, dams, locks and historic masonry structures in communities along the Canal, more than doubling previously announced federal funding. This will improve the quality and reliability of visitor facilities and continue to allow Canadians to experience and enjoy this cherished UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Parks Canada continues to work with partners and communities to help the Rideau Canal be a premier tourism destination, foster recreation and support economic development along its whole length, from Ottawa to Kingston.

The First 100 Days

“Committed to Community, Dedicated to Progress.”

Committed to Community100

On March 10, 2015, I will have been your Mayor (Westport) for one hundred days during which the councillors and I have spent many hours at council meetings and committee Meetings.  We are committed to learning about the issues and being strategic while developing workable solutions. When MPP Steve Clark came to our January Council meeting, he noted that our Village “won the prize” on two counts – the most Council meetings since taking office and for having the most constituents in attendance.  Mr Clark also noted that you also were the happiest group of people attending a council meeting!

When MPP Steve Clark came to our January Council meeting, he noted that our Village “won the prize” on two counts – the most Council meetings since taking office and for having the most constituents in attendance.  Mr Clark also noted that you also were the happiest group of people attending a council meeting!  

Some milestones have been reached and we continue to work towards others.  The installation of new pumps at the Glen St station and repairs to the berm at the lagoon were completed by December 31.  Both were important to assist with our production of effluent.  We have supported our operator all winter to process as much snow as possible and he has made good progress, despite pipes breaking and the towers freezing up.  Both of these situations require the plant to be shut down until repairs can be made.  Council is in the process of finalizing mitigation plans for the lagoons this spring.  If the analysis and forecast after the snowmaking season indicate that the lagoons are not low enough to handle the spring thaw and rain, arrangements have already been made with another municipality to move the required effluent to its processing plant.

The winter has been long and we have received as much snow as last year.  I want to recognize the work done to keep the roads and sidewalks ploughed.  I have been stopped by many people, who are pleased that they have been able to get out this winter and in particular, walk around the Village.

Dedicated to ProgressIMG_0029

The best news we received occurred in late February when the Village was notified by the government of Ontario that it had been successful in an infrastructure grant application for $2million dollars, of which the government will cover 90%.  This will get us started on the repair and remediation work at the waste water distribution plant.

New Committees of Council were formed in January, community members were invited to apply and in February several Westport residents and business owners met with their Councillors to begin the work of the committees. Parks and Recreation, Economic Development and Tourism and the Harbour Committee are new and add to the strong community involvement of Westport in Bloom, Museum, Library and Heritage Committees.

This month, Council will begin the budgeting process.  There will be a meeting later in March dedicated to discussing and eventually approving the budget.  I will keep you informed of that date.

Thank you very much for your support the past 100 days.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Councillor of your choice or me at my email rjones@villageofwestport.ca or at home at 613-273-9195.