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Playground equipment is being installed at Lockwood Park!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Village in last year’s Aviva Insurance voting, we received a $10K grant for accessible playground equipment.  It is being installed today in Lockwood Park.  No tax dollars were used for any of the additions or changes in Lockwood.  A Trillium grant provided funding for the stage, an Aviva grant covered the new playground equipment and the Lockwood Foundation donated $25K and matched funds ($75K) raised by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has contributed … the park has become a very popular place to spend time.

Come by the park later this afternoon and take a swing or a turn on the new equipment.

swings being built.jpg

Voting is now open for AVIVA grant!

Voting is easier than ever – cast all 10 votes at any time during the Voting Round from September 25, 2018 to October 4, 2018.

The 50 Small Ideas with the most votes will each receive a $10,000 prize. and we are planning to use that money for playground equipment inclusive for children with all abilities in Lockwood park.

The top 50 vote getters will each receive $10,000.

Could you please take a few minutes to register, vote and pass this message on to family and friends. Children who have an email address can vote with parental consent.

Here is the link to register or to log if you have previously registered.  You can then apply your 10 votes for the accessible playground equipment for Westport – our idea # is 18-327.

Register now

I just checked and we already have 359 votes … we need your help to get many more votes to secure the grant.