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Playground equipment is being installed at Lockwood Park!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Village in last year’s Aviva Insurance voting, we received a $10K grant for accessible playground equipment.  It is being installed today in Lockwood Park.  No tax dollars were used for any of the additions or changes in Lockwood.  A Trillium grant provided funding for the stage, an Aviva grant covered the new playground equipment and the Lockwood Foundation donated $25K and matched funds ($75K) raised by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has contributed … the park has become a very popular place to spend time.

Come by the park later this afternoon and take a swing or a turn on the new equipment.

swings being built.jpg

Lockwood Park needs your VOTES!

Every child deserves to feel exhilarated and experience new sights, sounds and textures.  It is important that a playground not only meet accessibility standards, it must also provide engaging experiences for all kids to play alongside one another, regardless of their abilities.

The Village has submitted its application for a $10,000 AVIVA grant.  The winners are determined by the number of email votes received for the project.

If successful, the funds will be used to provide accessible playground equipment in Lockwood Park.  Five years ago our park was an ignored green space in the middle of the Village, with the exception of the ball diamond.  Since that time volunteers have fund raised and applied for grants to transform it into a place for sports, leisure and family gatherings. In 2018, a natural playground was built for children without physical challenges and in 2019 we want to continue the inclusive playground development .

For children with challenges, we need an accessible play area and wheelchair-accessible playground equipment so they can play and be children, just like everyone else. Play is crucial for human development, the growth of social skills and self-confidence.

For other children, using playground equipment designed with disabled children in mind can also offer big benefits, such as encourages empathy and other skills that will benefit children throughout their entire lives.  Adults who have mobility issues can benefit from wheelchair-accessible playgrounds because these playgrounds allow them to go to the park with their children and grandchildren.

Although Lockwood Park is in the Village of Westport, it is used by many people who live in the township and visitors/tourists.

PLEASE – share this with your family, friends, work colleagues.  And encourage them to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

Here is the information you will need.  Please share the link!  Thank you.

Our idea number is 18-327 and the unique link to your idea page is https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/voting/project/view/18-327.

Village of Westport successful in obtaining Ontario Trillium Fund Grant.

The Ontario Trillium Fund has awarded the Village a $56,500 grant to build an accessible, covered stage in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  The grant covers all costs including the installation of electrical and landscaping.  Village Council & Staff and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee are pleased that Westport was successful in this very competitive process and have thanked the Ontario Trillium Fund for its support.

The improvements to Lockwood Memorial Field and Park over the past three years have only been possible through fund raising and grants.  The 2015 grant from Lockwood Foundation has been a significant boon and enabled the Village to implement its plan for the park.  No tax dollars have been spent on the improvements.

The stage will be used to bring groups and people together for arts, cultural and heritage festivals and family events.  Community groups and members will now have a venue to bring people together – regardless of the weather.

The project has been awarded to Scott Blair Construction and it is our expectation that it will be operational this summer.

How exciting!!!!!!