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Rideau Vista Public School’s Christmas Extravaganza – a wonderful evening

Bell ringing, xylophones, piano solos, choirs, performers, original scores and break dancing – the kids (and their amazing teachers and volunteers) packed a lot of talent and fun into 90 minutes tonight.  The gym was packed with proud parents, grandparents and other family members who all preened with pride when their child was on stage.  Thank you Mr Campbell – opportunities like this are great community builders.

Merry Christmas!

Rideau Vista Choir

Rideau Vista choir.jpg


I want to send a huge shout out to the Rideau Vista Public School teachers, staff and students!

Students – Thank you for your “clean up the Village”day on Thursday from everyone in Westport. You did a hard day’s work – as we all can see from the clean sidewalks and grass boulevards.  You also brought smiles to many of our faces.

For the teachers and staff – our hats are off to you.  These “life lessons” you teach your students through role modelling result in our children growing into responsible civic leaders and members.  You are all amazing.  Thank you!!!