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CRF Pavement Preservation on George and Spring Streets

Reasons for pavement preservation

The maintenance of the top coat of asphalt is a fundamental aspect of long term pavement life. This is because water is the main element that causes damage to a roadway by seeping into the roadbed through cracks and expansion/contraction during freeze thaw cycles. Inevitably, new asphalt deteriorates due to the oxidization of the asphalt cement, which leads to brittle roads that crack over time.

Options for pavement preservation

Reclamite is an emulsion that is applied to the top course of the asphalt and rejuvenates the existing asphalt cement and slows down the oxidization process. This helps to extend the life of the top course of asphalt and reduces the cracking that typically appears within five to six years after a new application. As a result, this treatment is applied to roads that are in relatively good condition and before significant cracking develops.

Typical crack sealing involves clearing out existing cracks and filling it in with a rubberized product. It is used to seal the top layer and prevent water seepage into the granular bed. CRF is an alternative treatment to typical crack sealing treatment. CRF applies an emulsion and sand product that treats the entire road as opposed to just the cracks. In addition to filling in the cracks, CRF also provides asphalt rejuvenation similar to Reclamite.

The Counties has worked with Superior Road Products in the past. Given this past experience, and recent local test results,  the Counties is trying this product again. Other adjacent municipalities and counties are already working with Superior Road Products. 

The Counties negotiation with the supplier also provides test locations for the townships and Westport.  George and Spring Streets were chosen by Westport Public Works and the product was applied on Tuesday.  There is no cost to the Village.  

Many thanks to the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville.

United Counties of Leeds and Grenville – new strategy to support residents at Mountainview Manor

I am pleased to announce that within the next couple of months, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville (UCLG) Social Services and Housing Departments are initiating a Community Engagement Strategy at three housing locations.  Mountainview Manor on Bedford St in Westport is one of them.  This collaborative new project aims for early conflict resolution and improving coordination and access to services.

A  new position is being created, a Housing Case Manager.  This person will be dedicated to these three buildings, bringing an in-depth knowledge of social housing and issues arising within the buildings.  The Housing Case Manager will use his/her experience, leadership and excellent communication skills working with tenants and community partners to improve/develop:

  1. Enhance tenant relations and communication
  2. Promote collective responsibility in ensuring a safe environment
  3. Increase participation by tenants in resolving building issues
  4. Raise confidence of tenants so that they will come forward with their issues
  5. Educate about the process in dealing with behaviours; get to know who to call in the community, and what they can do when there is an issue
  6. More efficient service delivery and communication between agencies.
  7. Improve public perception of “social housing” buildings.

Community partners committed to working with tenants, Social Services and the Housing Department are:

  • Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health
  • Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit
  • Country Roads Community Health Centre
  • Leeds OPP
  • Victim Services
  • Upper Canada Family Health Team

The goal of this strategy is to create a welcoming and positive environment for tenants where they can meet one another to plan, build and grow together.  The participation of community partners will provide opportunities to access other supports and services.  To be successful, the Community Engagement Strategy could use our support. Perhaps  community members and groups can consider how to support the tenants and community partners and help make this strategy a success. I will keep you posted on its progress.

Call anytime – 9195.

Planned construction by UCLG on Main St (Mill Pond spillway) bridge

After the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville (UCLG) public works did some testing this past summer/fall on the Main St Bridge, I met with a group of community members who raised their concerns about the bridge.  I followed that up with a discussion with the UCLG Director of Public Works and shared with him their concerns and in particular that the Village and the public want some input, through consultation, should the rehabilitation proceed.

Clearly, one of the concerns is the public safety issue for pedestrians in the absence of a sidewalk.  I was surprised to read in this week’s paper that the UCLG Manager of Public Works indicated that a decision has already been reached about the rehab and that it does not include a sidewalk.

The  first of the budget meetings to debate and approve the 2018 UCLG capital budget is scheduled for February 8.  It is during this meeting, and any subsequent budget meetings, that UCLG Council considers staff submissions and either approves them or asks for additional information.  Be assured that no decision on the Westport Main St bridge has been made by UCLG Council.

I have asked Mr Paul Snider, CAO/Clerk for the Village of Westport, to add this item to the agenda for the February 5 Westport Council meeting.  This will allow the issue of the sidewalk on the Main St bridge to be discussed by Westport Council and that I am in the position to present to UCLG Council on February 8 any resolution passed by Westport Council. Westport’s Council meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. on February 5.

I have heard from many frustrated community members since the paper was published this week and hope this update provides information in regard to the proposed rehab of the Main St bridge.  Please call if you have concerns.  9195