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Village of Westport Committee of the Whole Meeting tonight

Tonight’s agenda for the Committee of the Whole Meeting has a variety of items that will interest you.  Ken Rose and PREVENT ANOTHER WESTPORT STRAY (PAWS) is scheduled for a 10 minute delegation to provide an update on what PAWS has accomplished in regard to the Westport stray cat population.  A new by-law to allow designated staff to conduct inspection of properties for the purpose of determining compliance with municipal by-laws will be discussed.  A new performance management policy and procedures for municipal staff is also on the agenda.  7:00 at Town Hall.

In my last post about grant opportunities for the WWTP, I said I would keep you updated on any announcements from the federal government.  No news yet.

The Village of Westport web site is launching its interactive calendar this week.  Our goal is to incorporate as many of the activities in the Village as possible – so that everyone is using one calendar.  Watch for an announcement and a submission form to get your information on the calendar.


Rules for LEADERS in 2016

Gone are the days of the “top-down autocratic” leader.   In 2016, people expect to be included in decisions in the workplace.  This also holds true for volunteer, non-profit and church organizations.

While doing some research on leadership today, I was inspired by this gem for today’s leaders.    Thought I would share …

The modern day CEO develops from a different set of rules:

o When the rule says be out front, allow others to ride the horse. 

o When the rule says be the hero, let the others carry the flag.

o When the rule says retain power, make sure power is shared.

o When the rules say know it all, make sure others learn more.

o When the rule says tell people what they do, teach people how to do it.

o When the rule says put the portrait on the wall, put others up first.

o When the rule says have all the answers, look for the answers from others.

o When the rule says take all the credit, give all the credit away.”

Aquatarium in Brockville is OPEN

Mayor David Henderson hosted the Counties of Leeds and Grenville Joint Services today for a tour of the newly opened Aquatarium in Brockville.  It is an educational and fun filled location, which provides a rich understanding of the St Lawrence and Great Lakes while offering fun and learning for all ages.  Mayor Erika Demchuck of Gananoque and I had time to do some fishing.  Not bad, eh?Aquatarium April 6-16.jpeg

SPRING in the ‘Port

If you are wondering when spring will arrive, head out any morning before 7:00 and listen to the choirs – of the birds – calling to each other and singing the songs of spring!  It is wonderful.  The weather will catch up eventually as will the spring flowers.

We are waiting for details of the Federal government’s announcement concerning grants for infrastructure and, specifically, for waste water treatment plants (WWTP).  In order to be eligible, we continue down the path to be “shovel ready” for this construction season.  The Request For Proposal for the detailed drawings for the new approved waste water treatment system closed a couple of weeks ago and a technical team has been reviewing the offers.  Their recommendation is on the Agenda for Monday night’s Council meeting. I am hopeful that by early May all MOECC and Council approvals will be in place.  We will keep you informed as we learn more from the government of Canada.

Recently, Councillors and I spent time going door to door in some areas of the Village, speaking to community members about the high volume of clean water that is still being sent to the WWTP due to illegal sump pumps.  An information package was provided to help people understand the profound expense to the rate payers of even one illegal sump pump.  Additionally, Council was offering a grant of up to $500 to convert to a legal sump pump.  As I walk my girls, I have noted that several houses are now pumping their sump pump externally into their yards.  Thank you to everyone who has made their sump pump compliant with the by-law and eased some of the pressure at the lagoons.  And yes, we did have one resident take advantage of the grant.

Some interesting items on the Agenda for Monday’s Council meeting were discussed at the last Committee of the Whole (CoW). Municipal by-law enforcement and changing the from garbage bags to tags for the large bags are two of them.  You may wonder why items get discussed twice.  The intention of CoW is for Councillors to discuss issues for the first time & that they are satisfied that they have enough information and to provide on-going updates from Committees of Council.  On several occasions, more information is required from staff before the matter is ready to be considered and passed at a Council meeting.  When no other information is required, the CoW passes a resolution recommending the item  be approved at the next Council meeting.  Depending on the item, it may be dealt with as part of the “Consent Agenda” portion of Council where several items are lumped together with one motion or it may be dealt with separately – either due to the nature of the issue or at the request of a member of Council.  Both Council and CoW meetings are open to the public.  Council meetings are held on the first Monday night of the first full week of the month and Committee of the Whole meetings follow two weeks later on the Monday night.

And still on the topic of spring, the 2nd Annual Town Spring Clean Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 14th – so circle the date on your calendar.  We will meet at Town Hall at 09:00 where there will be coffee and snacks.  You can come with a team of people or alone and join some other volunteers.  Please bring your rakes and brooms and wear a bright coloured shirt.  Garbage bags will be provided and assignments given to the work teams. A noon Bar-B-Q at the spring will finish the day off – with much appreciation from myself and Council, and of course from those who live, work and play in the ‘Port.  Reminders will be coming closer to the day.

Since I began this update talking about choirs, I am going to end it on the same note.  Westport has its own, new Community Choir.  Some Kind of Choir will be giving its first concert on Saturday, April 30 @ 7:00 p.m. at the North Crosby Hall.  The quality and experience of many of the singers who have joined this new initiative of the Westport Arts Council has ensured that the music is beautiful, the four-part harmonies are on pitch and those involved are having a great deal of fun.  The Rideau District High School Jazz Band is joining the choir on the 30th and all proceeds at the door and for refreshments are going to the band to help repair/replace instruments.  That might be another date to circle on your calendar.

If you have any questions about the ongoing issues at Town Hall or something that is a concern of yours, please contact the Councillor of your choice or me.


Federal Budget and provincial government grant update

I watched with hope for the Village as the Liberals unveiled their federal budget yesterday.  The details are sketchy, however there is mention of green infrastructure grants for waste water treatment plants ($.50 from the municipality for each $1.00 from the government).  MP Gord Brown is also working on our behalf to learn about the criteria and time lines.  We will be awarding the contract for the detailed plans of the subsurface dispersal system to an engineering consulting company at our Council Meeting on April 4.  The RFP has closed and a team of technical people are reviewing the submissions.  The timing is good for us to make this grant application as we will soon be “shovel ready”.

Mr Bryce and I have concluded our meetings with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.  I would summarize their comments after hearing our appeal for this year’s OCIF 2 grant – that they have heard about our serious concerns and encouraged us to apply for OCIF 3 grant in April/May ($.90 for each $1.00) – there is no money left for this construction year.  We were also encouraged to ask to carry over the remaining portion of our OCIF 1 grant into 2017 when we apply for OCIF 3.  No promises were made, however we never heard the word “no” in regards to moving forward.

Please call if you have questions or concerns.