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We launched our new web site a few weeks ago and I think we have worked out most of the bugs.  Thanks to all who let us know what wasn’t working.  Should you find anything that still doesn’t connect the way it should, please let Niki Bresse know at Town Hall.

I would like to thank Christine Janeway for her amazing page on our website,  VINTAGE WESTPORT.  Each weekly edition contains a piece (or two!) of our history and many archival photos.  I have included the link here for your convenience.

It is Saturday.  Grab your coffee and spend a few moments looking at the Village through the eyes of an 1890 resident.

Vintage Westport



Public Meeting on Snow Removal

Thank you to everyone who attended the Town Hall meeting on Thursday night to share with Council your concerns about the current snow removal process and suggestions for changes to the by-law and additions to the next snow removal contract.  Your comments were well thought out and on point.  I  very much appreciate your willingness to raise the issues publicly.

Your suggestions will be seriously considered by Council over the next few months as we prepare the tender for the next contract and factor any additional costs into the 2017 draft budget this fall.


Attention business owners, snow plow operators, residents and other concerned community members.

The most recent snow storm and its clean up has highlighted the need to hold an open forum where everyone can have their say about snow removal.  Roads, sidewalks, snow banks – they all require discussion.  Council wants to hear from you. On Thursday, February 25 from 5:30-7:00 pm, mayor and council will be hosting a Town Hall meeting.  Anyone wishing to share their concerns or perspective will be given the opportunity.
Within the next year, Council will be making changes to the existing snow removal by-law.  The current contract for snow removal expires April 2017 and the village will be putting out a tender in 2016.  The information that is shared on Thursday will assist us in our deliberations.
Please mark the date and time on our calendar – come to the Town Hall meeting and have your say!

54 cm – Record 1-day Snowfall

Wow!  I think we can all come up for air now.  Schools are open today.  Sun is shining and the temperature is “February cold”.  Thanks to Mr Charby and Mr Jackson for working so hard to get the streets open Tuesday night and working on widening them on Wednesday.  Still lots of work to do on the roads.  I spoke to the gents yesterday and the sidewalks are going to be a challenge.  We will see how what progress they make later today.  Perhaps the warm weather on Saturday will help.  In the meantime, please be careful when walking on the roads.

I also noted, like many of you, huge piles of snow moved onto the streets from private property.  I will be hosting  a meeting in the next couple of weeks with business owners and snow plow operators to discuss options of how we can work together to manage large snowfalls in the future.

Final word on this snow event is FUN!  The children (of all ages) hadn’t had any snow related activities yet this winter, so 2 “snow days” helped make up for that!


It may feel closer to July 1 than February 1 today.  Received this wonderful YOUTUBE video by the Chris Hadfield & family that just might make you stand a little taller as a proud Canadian.

>> This makes you proud to be Canadian
>> Chris Hadfield, you’ve done it again…..
>> The retired astronaut created a music video about our country that’s sweeter than a double-double from Timmie’s.
>> Titled “In Canada,” the song was a collaborative effort between Hadfield and his brother Dave in a mission to create “the most
>> Canadian music video ever.” And you know what? They succeeded.
>> Hadfield uploaded the “polite song” to YouTube, saying it came from “two brothers who are just hoping your day is going okay.”
>> And thanks to this song, it’ll be a lot better than just “okay.” The rapid montage of Canadian culture reminds us of everything we love
>> about this great country.  Because at the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of exceedingly polite, Timbit-eating winter-lovers.
>> And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out the video.
>> HADFIELD GIFT TOCANADA < http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/zuVsHt3rBnc?rel=0>